Sliding Gates

This is wht our sliding gates are a great choice, because Metro Security Systems' sliding gates are easy to install, even in the most difficult conditions. Some have bottom track sliding gates with proper guiding posts bridge, a rail with accessories and a closing posts bridge with a lock. All sliding gates can also be combined with swing gate options for pedestrians if required. Select from a wide range of metal and timber infill options, too, so you can achieve the right look and level of viewing for your site, either fully visible or completely private.

Our sliding gates are presented on rail or cantilever, manual, motorizable or motorized, but always conform to regulation. Our sliding gates are developed for industrial and residential areas. The design of the gate results in great value for money with some of the benefits listed below.

  • Reliable
  • Safety
  • Highly resistant coating & more

A sliding gate can combine a high level of security with ease of access where there's limited space. This makes it an appropriate choice for premises that open onto busy streets. Where there's heavy footfall or a lot of traffic, they are the best option since they open easily without drivers or pedestrians having to walk far to open and close them.

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