Fire Extinguishers

Different Types

The fire classification system is designed to categorise fires into groups based on the type of fuel involved. Each fire class is represented by a letter of the alphabet (with the exception of electrical which are simply referred to as "electrical fires") and an icon. This helps users to select an appropriate fire extinguisher in the event of a fire.

Fire extinguishers are available in different types with each one having specific fire classes that they are suitable for use on. Fire extinguishers meeting BS EN3 should have a red body (RAL 3000) and an agent specific colour band covering between 5-10% of the surface relating to the extinguisher's contents.

  • Water fire extinguishers
  • AFFF foam fire extinguishers
  • CO2 fire extinguishers
  • ABC powder fire extinguishers
  • Water mist fire extinguishers & more

Fire extinguishers should be regularly serviced to ensure they remain in good working order and function correctlly should they be needed. It is the responsibility of a business owner or responsible person for a building to ensure that extinguishers are serviced in accordance to the BS 5306-3:2017. This does not apply to maintenance-free P50 fire extinguishers.

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